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Will we get to the Truth of things in 2022?

Things. Controversial things. The how, why and what happened with the World's response to a virus. The lockdowns, the money, the cover-up, the vaccine, the lies from leaders that are out of touch - perhaps selected (many long ago) for such a time as this?

The censorship and government over-reach and complete trust in Big Pharma (known fraudsters) were unprecedented. The bullying, gaslighting among leaders in corporate, big-tech, World Organizations, foundations, etc. have been worse than the virus.

So much is coming out now. Exposed.

I have always spoken up for what I believe in. I have always sought truth. I love my American freedom.

I have never seen so much cowardice and lack of critical thinking.

My bet is on that changing in 2022. The pendulum beginning its reversal.

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