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Self-Awareness, EQ and Trust in Leadership

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I think we'd all agree that self-awareness is important. That EQ is often "lessons we learned in kindergarten". I want to discuss the consequences of when a leader does not cultivate either skill and how detrimental a tone deaf, complacent leader can be to an organization.

  1. Everyone fears the reaction of the Toxic Boss if they are ever called out. Once thought of as "cool as a cucumber" they begin to bully and shun anyone that deigns to challenge them.

  2. Workarounds are created to avoid confrontation with the Toxic Boss. Soon, they live in a bubble. When they walk down the hall, it resembles the "Empress has no Clothes" parade.

  3. Appearance of competency replaces actual competency. Arrogance does not lix well with team building.

  4. C.Y.A decisions are made reactively and people begin to distrust the leader. People work with doors shut.

  5. Lack of trust in leadership means demise of teams, quality talent leaving and decline in the product or service delivered.

How do we make sure this doesn't happen? Be self-aware. Be brave. Create systems of accountability - objective measures of success with actual performance metrics. Have a work environment that is neutral to "personality" and focused on what was promised.

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