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Patience is running thin on the gaslighters

Since 2017, if you happened to vote, support and acknowledge the great job that President Trump was doing, you have been subjected to non-stop gaslighting. If you were sobbing the night Trump won, and are still not over it, you have become the Bully.

Take the test: Score 10 points for each "yes"

  1. You've ended friendships with otherwise awesome people over their vote and support of Trump.

  2. You've gotten real good at name calling. You, however, remain perfect.

  3. Every good thing Trump has done, and continues to do, you can't see it; to the point of seeing only your anger.

  4. You can't articulate a Trump policy that backs up your name calling.

  5. You openly silence or shun any opposition

  6. You refuse to debate a Trump supporter.

  7. You threw out the Constitution you swore to uphold.

  8. You nod in agreement that all is well with inflation, Hunter Biden, Open Borders, Biden demeaning Trump supporters.

  9. You got in touch with your emotions, that is for sure.

  10. You fell in love with Big Pharma and Big Govt.

  11. You are vaccinated and boosted.

  12. You have rebranded Biden as who you want him to be, not for the facts of who he is.

  13. Hilz could declare her election loss was stolen, but Trump should to jail for it, you think smugly.

  14. BLM can murder black people and destroy their cities, but you are willing to go along with January 6th lies.

I sat in staff meetings where they supported every WRONG CDC guideline, smugly speaking about the virtue of masks, DEI (lol), promoting incompetence and getting it all wrong.

If you got it all wrong, and you had a duty to protect, a fiduciary duty, your comeuppance is right around the corner.

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