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Media talking points NOT spoken here

As CEO's navigate the world of political talking points that divide & create unnecessary tension with co-workers, I have a few tips.

Make it about mutual respect, accountability, hard work, excellence and work fulfillment.

These are values that transcend the talking points of the day and should easily be agreed upon. As an employer, you must comply with the law, but reacting to the media machine is not required.

The Media loves to take an issue and trot out the "2 sides" (aka creates both sides talking points) that get parroted ruthlessly on social media. Nothing thoughtful or nuanced, just inflammatory and reactive.

Leadership should be committed to higher goals and restate them time and time again. Businesses can opt out of taking a political "side" that is proffered by a dishonest entity.

In 2023, there is nothing more valuable that co-workers coming together and refusing to engage in deceptive narratives of the day; But instead work to achieve the goals of the organization and live up to their potential.

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