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Crowned Legal

You are business royalty. You are essential. The trailblazers. The producers. The problem-solvers. Today’s business climate demands chess-like maneuvering. You deserve exceptional legal strategy, a little Sun Tzu. Crowned Legal is here to set you up for success by arming you with everything you need to confidently work with legal advisors and the know-how to hold them accountable for strengthening your business.

Crowned Legal has your back.



Leadership defines the vision. At Crowned Legal, we encourage bold and courageous leadership and pride ourselves as having the strategy and the experience that supports business leadership. 


We are a team of legal, compliance and HR professionals that have come together to support and strengthen the American business owner and entrepreneur in the best & worst of times. Our team has done extensive research on the legality of mandates, lockdowns and censorship and have formulated an approach to counter the damage done to the small business community in the US and globally.


At Crowned Legal, YOU are the royalty.



From the team,

Crowned Legal


Our Services


The Billable Hour

legal mapping

Spend 90 minutes reviewing the legal aspects of your business. Create a legal roadmap that aligns with your business vision. Schedule a free consultation


The In House Counsel accountability Project

For those of you who are ready for your first legal hire or are building up an in house counsel dept. Best for those who are in highly regulated industry(s) or need multiple policies, HR advice, quickly growing or considering going public; together we create the job description and accountability structure to bring out the best of your legal partner.


contract lifecycle management for your business


Essential contract education for your business, tailored to your needs.


Crowned Legal 

Crowned Legal is here for you long before you have been served a lawsuit. We are here to create your legal roadmap, so you can anticipate and prevent legal problems from occurring. Every business is regulated and must comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations and we make sure there are no surprises, so you have peace of mind. In the event of a lawsuit, we make sure you know what type of lawyer you need and how to hold that lawyer accountable.
We work with your team of advisors to help protect and strengthen your business.

schedule a free ½ hour consultation here



You need courageous leaders. We have developed leadership curriculum that focuses on excellence, values & courage to navigate difficult scenarios. For more information on these unique offerings, contact us below.

Crowned Legal

Our promise to you is that for every one of our billable hours, we save you five of 'their' billable hours; and that our other services also save you money, time and energy so you can focus on what you do best - the business of your business.

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